Weight Loss and Dieting: Critical Mistakes (Part 5 of 8)

Adhering to Fad Diets for Short Periods of Time, Then Returning to Your Previous Eating Habits (or, “Yo-Yo Dieting”)

I look at the word ‘diet’ as sort of a dirty word. So many diets have come and gone, promising almost instant results and extreme weight loss, and many people get taken in by the ease of mindlessly following a few new rules to achieve their goals. But most of the time (like, 99% of the time), these are so restrictive as to be unhealthy, leaving out important nutrients, and are unable to be followed for a lifetime, let alone a year.  So people become frustrated, abandon the diet, and declare weight loss to be an impossible goal. And many times, as soon as they stop adhering to that fad diet, any weight loss they did achieve is immediately regained.

Instead, I wish people would look at weight loss as a LIFESTYLE CHANGE that involves making better and better choices over time, learning about what is in the food they are putting in their mouths, and adding in exercise to complement their dietary efforts. Again, this is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a process. Does it mean you will have to read labels, take more time in the grocery store, or more time planning meals? Yes. Does it mean you will have to show some restraint, self control and willpower? Yes. But the long term results will have staying power, and after a month, your new eating habits will become just that: a habit, and your new ‘normal’.


About our Author

BrittanyBrittany Arnett is a graduate of the NOVA Southeastern University Physician Assistant Program in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Brittany completed her undergraduate studies at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, while playing Division I volleyball. Brittany has been part of the North Shore Family Practice team since 2011.


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