Weight Loss and Dieting: Critical Mistakes (Part 4 0f 8)

Thinking that starving yourself will result in quick and drastic weight loss.

“You must eat in order to lose weight” is counter-intuitive to most of us. Drastically fewer calories taken in should result in weight loss eventually, right? Well, that is partly true. But if you go about your diet “cold turkey” style and aggressively cut calories on day 1, your body will chemically go into a type of starvation survival mode, and actually HOLD ONTO your fat and extra weight. It can even take the few calories you ARE taking in and convert them to fat (as if to store up and therefore protect the self during this ‘time of perceived famine’). You are sabotaging yourself with your dedication and good intentions. So, how do you adjust your diet accordingly?

Look at weight loss as a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. You MUST get your metabolism going from its slowed state during the long fasting period at night. Getting some nutrients in at breakfast, especially protein is key. I recommend eggs, lean meat, or protein shakes (try fresh fruit and veggies with protein powder in the blender). Research has also proven that smaller, more frequent meals keeps the metabolism revved up during the day.  Remember the phrase “Eat the breakfast of a King, the lunch of a Prince, and the dinner of a Pauper,” meaning, consume most of your calories in the morning in order to break that fast and burn them throughout the most active part of your day, then cut back portion size towards evening time. It can often be what you are eating, not how much you are eating, that is the problem. If you’re going to take in some calories, make sure they’re some quality calories.


About our Author

BrittanyBrittany Arnett is a graduate of the NOVA Southeastern University Physician Assistant Program in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Brittany completed her undergraduate studies at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, while playing Division I volleyball. Brittany has been part of the North Shore Family Practice team since 2011.


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