Weight Loss and Dieting: Critical Mistakes (Part 3 0f 8)

The New Food Plate Kicks the Food Pyramid’s Behind

We all remember the good old food pyramid from high school health class. It told us to eat a ton of grains, and lumped healthy proteins (fish, poultry, nuts, beans) in with the unhealthy proteins (red meat and processed meat). It also overemphasized the importance of dairy products. The US government attempted to amend that faulty nutritional information with the revised 2005 MyPyramid, which included exercise in the display but was very non descriptive. Finally, they came out with MyPlate, which, in my opinion, is the easiest to understand and put into practice. The idea is that half of your plate or any meal should be made up of fruits and veggies, a quarter should include healthy proteins, and the last quarter should include whole grains. And the meal is rounded out with a glass of milk. This addresses regulating portion sizes, too, which many of us struggle with. Harvard School of Public Health came out with a food plate that even tops MyPlate, which I’ve included a picture of here. A glass of water replaces the milk, and space for healthy oils is included.  Use this backbone when prepping your meals, and you can’t go wrong.


About our Author

BrittanyBrittany Arnett is a graduate of the NOVA Southeastern University Physician Assistant Program in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Brittany completed her undergraduate studies at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, while playing Division I volleyball. Brittany has been part of the North Shore Family Practice team since 2011.



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